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Our specialty

Cockles, vongole and razor clams are our most famous products. We also supply many other types of shellfish from Zeeland, but also from other countries in the EU.

Food Inspiration

Food Inspiration spent a day with, among others, shell and crustacean trader Joop. Star chef Edwin Vinke explains how he processes these salty products.


Meromar Zeeland is located in Yerseke, directly on the historic oyster pits and the Oosterschelde National Park. It is the largest national park in the Netherlands.

Purification and Shipping Center

Meromar Zeeland B.V. is engaged in the purification, packaging and shipping of live (bivalve) molluscs.

Live A-class bivalve molluscs can be shipped directly to dispatch centers from designated production areas or rewatering areas. If the live bivalve molluscs have a classification B, they will first be purified by us until they meet the highest classification (A). 

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